Pillager or Elder guardian

Minecraft is well-known for its huge number of features. The game’s mechanics work well enough on their own. However, in-game assets and entities give players more content and allow for greater replayability. This aspect of the game is dominated by mobs. Minecraft mobs have different defense and attack stats. Passive mobs such as chickens and pigs are weak… Continue reading Pillager or Elder guardian

Minecraft mushroom stew guide

One of the most popular food options in Minecraft is mushroom stew. Because it requires crafting, it’s not very common. However, food like salmon, steak, and pork chops are easy to prepare and do not require crafting. Because they can be picked up, mushrooms are less common than potatoes, carrots and beetroot. Except for those who live… Continue reading Minecraft mushroom stew guide

Summonable mobs in Minecraft

Living entities in Minecraft are known as mobs. They can be found all over the world. There are many hostile mobs that will spawn wherever their light conditions allow. Some mobs provide useful items, making them an important part of the game. When most mobs die, they drop an item as well as some experience points. Some mobs… Continue reading Summonable mobs in Minecraft

Xp farm tips

A few days ago, Minecraft released the second part of its huge Caves & Cliffs update. Minecraft has seen a lot of changes since then. There are new terrain limits and world generation, as well as a few new biomes. Although it’s a big update, most of the gameplay is the same. This includes the importance of… Continue reading Xp farm tips

Best adventure modpacks

Modpacks are a great way to modify Minecraft and add new content to your Minecraft experience. The Minecraft community has made modpacks almost innumerable and are available for download. Modpacks are available for popular mods like Pixelmon and Minecolonies. Modpacks can be a great way to enhance a player’s gaming experience.¬†Modpacks are a great way to… Continue reading Best adventure modpacks

Minecraft streamer drama

Ranboo is one the most famous Minecraft streamers. Nearly four million YouTube subscribers, and three million followers on Twitter make Ranboo a household name. He still experiences social awkwardness from time to time, despite all his power. Ranboo was at Twitch Rivals’ and Streamer Bowl 3 events when he made one of the most embarrassing handshakes ever… Continue reading Minecraft streamer drama

Best Minecraft building servers…

Over its 11-year-long existence, Minecraft has been a huge hit with gamers. Minecraft is a block-based building platform that allows players to share their creations with other Minecrafters. Minecraft building servers are here to help. Minecraft servers assign players plots of land. Players have easy access to a variety of decorative blocks and useful building… Continue reading Best Minecraft building servers…